The Decision

Our lives in North County San Diego were great. We lived a block from the beach, had great jobs, and lots of friends. So why did we give it all up?

Like many of our peers, we'd always dreamed of quitting our jobs, eschewing obligations, and hitting the road. We envisioned long hikes, beautiful coastlines, campfires, and no Wi-Fi. We imagined surfing at empty points and swimming in alpine lakes away from the crowds of SoCal. 

It was always something that we'd "for sure" do someday. But suddenly we looked around and realized the last few years had flown by in what seemed like an instant. Our friends—even some of the most adventurous ones—were buying houses in the suburbs and having kids and saying things like, "We'll be tied down for a WHILE." We realized that if we didn't embrace these dreams and take this time to make them a reality, we would always regret it.

So we put the plan in motion. It wasn't easy. I had a great creative job a few blocks from my house (and the beach) with amazing bosses, good pay, and wonderful co-workers. My mind reeled with all those thoughts that creep in whenever you make a big life change: What if I never find something this good again? What if I'm giving up the best thing I'll ever have?

John, on the other hand, had recently transitioned to a remote role as the producer for Powder Productions. His remote position is what ultimately inspired us to pull the trigger. He can work from anywhere, and I realized that now was the time to find a way to do that myself. We both feel so lucky we have jobs/skills that don't require us to be in a set location.

So now, nearly three months after I told my bosses our plan, we found a 2009 Dodge Sprinter, named him Shaq, built him out into an amazing tiny cabin on wheels, moved out of our house, and are officially on the road.

We made that wild, far-off dream a reality. I have a lump in my throat right now just writing that. I still can't believe it.

I'm so excited to share our adventure with everyone, and hopefully inspire a few people to join us along the way!